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Susan C.
19 April 2022
Fountain of Youth

I have been using Formulyst for about 2 years and believe I can really see a difference in my skin health and appearance. I am 71 years old and am routinely told I look 10 to 15 years younger. The bundle is well worth it, and being able to easily adjust my bundle, by time and product, to accommodate my use is fantastic. I am able to schedule my bundle for every other month, which means I am paying about $15.90 per product a month. That is less than I would pay at my local pharmacy! I highly recommend these products.

Nora R.
10 March 2022
Love it .

It feels wonderful on my skin,but to be honest I cannot afford to use it everyday,it’s way too expensive,.

17 December 2021
Smells weird, poor design for the Active Serum

The Active Serum comes with a separate glass dropper that doesn\'t actually screw onto the bottle of serum. It\'s longer than the serum bottle, so you have to kind of have the stopper lying around on its own. The night cream w/Retinol also smells quite chemical-like, sometimes like a bonfire almost, but not in a great way. Shipping was pretty slow, and my face wash didn\'t come in the mail - had to reach out to customer service. They were very kind and professional and mailed me a replacement, but email turnaround time could be quicker as well. Giving 3 stars because the product at least seems to be keeping my skin moisturized and dewy. Too soon to tell if there will be any real long-term improvements.

Shannon M.
05 December 2021
first time

product arrived quickly, appears to be as advertised, have only used for a couple of weeks so cannot attest to its effectiveness. is more expensive than other products so I hope it works well.

Victoria M.
03 October 2021
Love my Formulyst!

Ordering was easy, the delivery was quick, and the products are great! The serums are my favorite.. They feel light, and they really revive my skin!

Olympia S.
06 September 2021
Great creams and serum

I have been very pleased with my formulyst products. I appreciate the fact that they aren't perfumed too. They are great for my sensitive and dry skin. Would definitely recommend!

charlie s.
28 April 2021
Great Site and Product

Terrific experience with Formulyst

22 April 2021
gentle foaming cleanser

The gentle foaming cleanser did not dry my skin, unlike many drugstore \"gentle\" cleansers that left it over-stripped. My skin felt clean and was not irritated. Overall an excellent cleanser.

Peter H.
10 April 2021
New User

Package arrived in a timely manner. The products seem to be producing good results.

Iris G.
06 April 2021
Active Serium -- so far so good

The ordering and delivery experience was very smooth. I have been using the product for 2 weeks. It works well so far. However, there are too many marketing emails. I hope you will reduce the marketing frequency.

Terry C.
31 January 2021
Pretty happy!

I ordered 3 bottles of the skin retexturing serum and received only one. I sent a note to customer care, they immediately responded by telling me they would send the remainder. They did much better than that. They sent the 2 missing bottles and 2 bottles of different products for me to try. I’d have to say that was taking very good care of me. Thanks for the help and going the extra mile!

Kristine S.
31 January 2021
Best Eye Cream for dark circles

This eye cream for dark circles is the best I've tried and I have tried many. I have terrible dark circles and nothing I have tried worked at all. With this cream I saw results with the first use. Are my circles completely gone ? No, but they are greatly improved. The cream is less expensive than others I have tried and a little goes a long way. Very happy with my results and will continue to purchase. Recommend this product.

Kris S.
15 January 2021
Wow ! Improved my dark eye circles !

I have tried so many products that are supposed to help dark circles. None have until now. This Anti Dark Circle Cream has realy improved mine after only one use. I can hardly believe it. They aren\'t gone but they sure are diminished and I cannot say that about any other product I\'ve used. So, yes I am VERY happy with the results and the price too.

06 January 2021
Anti-Wrinkle Peptide Serum

This is a good product. It does improve the overall condition of your skin and smooth out deep wrinkles. The wrinkles won\'t disappear but are definitely less noticeable. I made this serum part of my daily routine and would purchase it again. Using once a day, this bottle lasts about 6 months.

04 January 2021
Great experience

Ordering was simple/easy. Product arrived within the time period specified. I love it, too.

Candace S.
13 December 2020
Great Customer Service

I tried Formulyst on a whim and was super impressed with the bundle options. The packaging and the texture of the products were really nice. Unfortunately my face didn't respond well to the products. I emailed their customer service and they were responsive, kind, and informative. You can judge a company's character by how they respond to product dissatisfaction. They treated me like I'd been their customer for years. I'm super impressed and hopefully I can try other products in the future.

Susan H.
29 September 2020

Silky, light moisturizer even better than expected

05 August 2020
Not bad

The serum and moisturizer I like. The eye cream is WAY too thick. Doesn’t absorb well and just clumps on my face. In my opinion, the eye cream needs a lot of work.

Dolores E.
22 July 2020
Opinion on products

I am using the products every day and like them so far.

Lynn L.
11 July 2020
Thank you

Wonderful! I love the product and it arrived very quickly!

18 June 2020
Anti-Aging Serum

Overall experience was great. The serum arrived and I have been using it for about two weeks, now. I do notice a difference in my complexion and tautness of my skin starting to tighten.

Dina C.
10 June 2020
My skin already looks so much better!

The texture of my skin has improved in only 6 days. Pimples/ bumps on chin went away and the rest looks healthier and brighter.

Katherine H.
14 February 2020
Problem w ordering

I had trouble with the payment page on the website so somehow my order was submitted twice. I received two sets of the products I wanted to try. I like the product so I’m just going to keep it.

Sana A.
10 February 2020
Best skin care products ever!

This is my third time purchasing products from Formulyst and I am obsessed. I have ditched all my other creams and moisturisers and use the hydrating serum morning and night. A little goes a long way to give instant hydration.

Cathy T.
07 February 2020
3 pack products

A review I read online

Marina D.
05 February 2020
Happy customer

Great product, exceptional customer service

sandra v.
03 February 2020
I've only just begun...

So far, I love the products I'm using. It's only been a week and I can notice a difference in the texture of my aged skin. I was used to using very expensive products and was apprehensive about trying Formulyst but I'm so far ... impressed!

lucy t.
01 February 2020
Great items

After a week and a half of use, I can already see improvments. My skin is softer than ever and pores have shrunk and a wrinkle between my eyes has reduced. Does not make my skin oily, no perfume smell and size is large for price. Will purchase again. In love with these products.

Jolanta K.
24 January 2020
Great product and fast shipping thank you

Pleasant fast service

Donna K.
15 January 2020
Love it

Just started but I like what I see